Move over Pink Flamingos

What started out as a hobby became a thriving small business.

Ken and Bev Wilson

1640 Satin Leaf Court

Delray Beach, Florida 33445

Phone 561-498-8771

      Bev Wilson of Delray Beach Florida loves to add nature's touch to her gardening.  She also loves movement.  Her garden is a menagerie of windmills, egrets and things sway in the breeze.  Bev and husband Ken spent years repainting and repairing her yard art that took punishment from the south Florida weather - humidity, salt air and other things with which Nature challenges us.      Weary of the yearly task of maintenance, Bev and Ken created an arbor for their back yard from PVC.  When the project was complete, Bev's mind turned to other ideas for her garden.  She began designing egrets and pelicans from leftover PVC, "my original work was a bit abstract," but soon, with the help of her husband, her garden ornament art began to take shape.  With the assistance of a chemist we now have our material custom made, UV stabilized through out just for our application, so it will never discolor.                                                                                                                                                

At first the Wilson's creations were gifts for family and friends, but as more people began seeing their work, request started pouring in.  Storks were designed for baby showers.  Egrets and pelicans soon dotted local yards, patios and pool areas.  A small business was born. The Wilsons sell their creations at art festivals and garden shows.  Birds bought in Florida during the winter season soon found their way across the country as vacationers travel back to their hometowns.  Once neighbors saw the creations from Florida, orders began to flow in over the Wilson's website.  Newspaper  reporters covering the art shows have featured the Wilson's in Newspapers through out the mid Atlantic area.      Bev, who has been a registered nurse for 33 years.  Ken was a sales manager for almost 20 years.  Bev is the designer - Ken cuts and customizes the work.  Bev adds feathering and does finishing touches, after Ken bends the final shape.  "It's a real 50-50 deal," claims Bev "like our marriage of 31 years - it's a real partnership." 

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